WTH Thursday – Divergent Series Edition

Today is the 1 year anniversary of AnnaliseBooks! Hooray

Now let’s get down to business with this week’s WTH Thursday which is all about WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH THE DIVERGENT SERIES?

If you haven’t read the news, the article is here.

Now I may only have read the first book, but I must be one of the three people who have seen all three Divergent films so far. I didn’t see Divergent in cinemas – I wasn’t interested after reading the book, but when it came up on Amazon Prime Video, I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed myself so much that I actually went to see Insurgent and Allegiant in cinemas. It seems nobody else did – I was the only person in the cinema each time, and those were both the day of, or the day after, release.


Now, I enjoyed these films. Allegiant was fairly enjoyable, although not as good as the first two films. The cast is actually fairly impressive, and there’s a lot of interesting visuals and effects. But as I left the cinema after watching Allegiant, I had one question – what now?

I’m not interested in reading the books – I have nothing against Veronica Roth, but I’ve just not been inspired to reread the first book and carry on with the series. So when I researched the plot of the third book, Allegiant, I realised there was nothing left for the fourth film. Seriously, nothing. Everything was covered in the third film – even the scene where Tris is supposed to die, yet she miraculously survived in the film.


This series didn’t need to be four films. It just didn’t. There’s not even any plot left for the fourth film. Some film franchises made ‘two films for the final book’ work. Harry Potter did the 2 film thing well. Twilight even did it pretty alright. Did any of these films need to be split into two? No. Did it work regardless? Generally, yes.

If you haven’t seen the news, the Divergent team still haven’t started filming the fourth film, Ascendant (and I’m impressed I even remember the name – these names are SO forgettable!). I’m not even sure if they have a script. Allegiant didn’t do well at the box office – partly because of poor advertisement. It also gained mostly negative reviews. It didn’t live up to the first two films. So now Lionsgate are considering skipping the box office, releasing the final movie as a TV movie which sets up a TV series.


This sounds like a reaction to Allegiant’s poor performance, but there’s also very little plot for the fourth film to go off, so it sounds to me like this has been the plan for some time. Setting up some new characters at least gives the final movie a purpose.

Now, if I had a time machine, I’d go back and stop the split. The series should have ended after Allegiant, and followed the plot of the final book. The other option here is to release Ascendent straight to DVD or streaming – Netflix/Amazon Video, with the rest of the series. Should there be a TV series? No.

With a TV movie, there’s a good chance we wouldn’t even get to see it in the UK. It wouldn’t reach all fans of the films. It sounds like a TERRIBLE idea. There’s no interest in a TV spinoff. Just none.

What do you think of Lionsgate’s plans for the Divergent series?

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  1. I THINK IT’S SO STUPID. The movie characters might not even return for the TV movie…so honestly what’s the point? They CO PLETELY went off rails in the second movie, I still don’t know why I bothered to see the third, because now I’m beyond angry. I hope it all flops.

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    1. A TV movie budget won’t cover the actors and effects up to the movie standard – it’s perhaps time to admit they were wrong to split the book into two films and leave it be. I was surprised they hadn’t already filmed the fourth movie as well – they’re usually filmed back to back!


      1. I know I thought they had filmed it already. Ugh, another book to film adaption ruined by hollywood. When will they get it right ?


      2. The casting for Everything Everything is promising – but I found that book similar to Me Before You in being problematic. I think the problem is some of these books simply don’t need to be adapted and they keep getting optioned!

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  2. I read Divergent a long time ago, and the movies were good, but I never read the books. I didn’t enjoy them a lot. I think a lot of books would fit better as tv shows than as movies, hopefully if it is made into one, it’ll make it more interesting.


    1. Something like The 100 would work well (not that I’ve seen it) but this is such a weird turn of events for an established film series – although it worked ok for The Mortal Instruments!


  3. I honestly didn’t even finish reading this series. After hearing & reading a ton of negative reviews all over the web, I truly dropped the series after Insurgent. I watched the first two movies but not the 3rd. I think they’re probably losing money on this franchise at this point. I agree with you that there is no need to split it into two movies, the books don’t have enough material to cover it. Overall disappointing.

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  4. I got stressed with that news! I love the books although Allegiant was definitely a let-down. And maybe the only think that could save Ascendant is IF they change the ending. Which is totally impossible. Either way, I would still like to see how they will wrap it up.

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