YALC Reading List Part 7!

I’m afraid it’s going to be a short installment this week – I’m sick(!) and my thesis is due in a few days, after which I’ll be back on top form! It also means that the last few installments can be full length (8 authors).

You can catch-up or reread the first six installments in the YALC Reading List here – one, two, three, four, five and six.

52. Pete Kalu

Book to read: The Silent Striker

This one sounds really interesting – The Silent Striker is about an aspiring footballer, Marcus, who discovers that he is losing his hearing, and his world falls apart around him. This is a story of disability, friendship, family and first loves, which touches upon racism and depression. This is the second book in the Striker series – the first is Being Me, which focuses on a girl called Adele, who wants to be a footballer. Both of these books look to be complex and deal with difficult teenage issues.

53. Dawn Kurtagich

Book to read: The Creeper Man

Dawn writes ‘psychologically sinister fiction’ and has two YA novels – The Dead House came out last year and The Creeper Man will be released this July. I’m not entirely sure horror is my kind of genre, but The Creeper Man has good reviews, and is about two girls who escape an abusive father to live with their aunt, where sinister figures watch them and their aunt locks herself in the attic. This one is definitely intriguing.

54. Richard Kurti

Book to read: Monkey Wars

Monkey Wars was released in 2013, to critical acclaim. It’s a tale of political unrest and turmoil, through the eyes of two monkeys, from opposing tribes. Perfect for fans of George Orwell or Catch-22, this one sounds interesting but I can’t find too much information about it! It was nominated for the CILIP Carnegie Medal.

55. Eugene Lambert

Book to read: The Sign of One

The Sign of One is a sci-fi thriller about Kyle, who flees for his life from the Barrenlands of Wrath, where people can’t die of old age. This sounds like such an interesting concept dystopia, and reviews say it is full of twists and turns. The Sign of One was released in April, and the reason I haven’t picked this one up is the cover doesn’t look particularly interesting.

56. Patrice Lawrence

Book to read: Orangeboy

Orangeboy is the story of Marlon, whose mother has been widowed and whose brother is caught up in gang violence. After a disastrous first date, he become a hunted man – caught up in the world of gangs, drugs and violence, but not sure why. Reviews say this is fast-paced and harrowing, with a frustrating main character, and again, this probably isn’t my cup of tea. Orangeboy was released on 2nd June in UK.

That’s it from me for this week – i’ll be back next Sunday evening with a full-sized dose of reading list goodness!

Annalise xxx


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